Forbes has put out their list of the top paid athletes for the past year. The top 100.  Some of the interesting tid bits before we get to number one.

30 Football players made the top 100-well until NFL dictator Goodell gets into their pockets ( A cheap shot joke by me).  13 hoop stars from the NBA made the cut as well.

11 different sports were represented on the Forbes top 100. Cricket-yes that Europe knockoff of baseball placed 2 athletes. CRICKET? Yes Cricket. Moms get your kids Cricket ready. Track and field made the cut with the great  Usain Bolt. Has there ever been a better named athlete for their sport?

Boxing is prominent as is Soccer, and Golf.  No Baseball player or Hockey player made the top 10. Here is that top 10

10) Peyton Manning-the top NFL'er made a nice 42.4 mill from not playing and commercial endorsements.

9)Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo- I can't stand Soccer so I can't even tell you who he plays for  and am too lazy to look it up. I just don't care :) 42.5 million

8) I bet you can't bend this like Beckham-46 millski

7) Golfer Phil Mickelson. Despite his recent struggles the lefty raked in a nice 47.8 million

6) Kobe Bryant checks in right here at 52.3 million. good idea to get back with your wife there Kobe. That's a big 50% split if she dumps you

5) Tennis gets in on the fun with Roger Federer-he had a haul of 52.7 and he isn't even top 2 anymore in his sport

4) The Villain known as Lebron James- Not a villain according to me mind you just zombie American Sport fan. Bron bron is the king of his castle at 53 million.

3)El Tigre-Tiger may not have won a major in 4 years but his bank account is major at 59.4 million.

2) Manny Pacquiao- Good thing he got robbeed by the judges in the Bradley fight this year- Also Politics must pay a big sum in the Phillipines.

1) At number 1-fresh from his jail cell after slugging his ex is Floyd 'money" Mayweather. Dang Floyd no wonder you can afford that huge wagers you like to place. Perhaps next time use more of that fat check for better legal help.

So safe to say we won't be seeing any of these folks at the food stamp window. Hey where are the politically correct whining about no woman on the list of the top 10!