Finally, it has arrived! The NFL season is upon us, and the season kicks off tonight with an excellent ballgame between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. For the first time in ages, the first game of the year will not be held on the home field of the defending champions, as the Baltimore Orioles totally ruined that for the Ravens by having a game.

With the game in Denver, one would have to give the edge to them in this one. Also advantageous for the Broncos is the fact that several key players were not kept by Baltimore due to retirement, free agency, or other means. Something tells me that another miracle deep ball won't be happening tonight given the fact that Baltimore lost its best receiving threat.

However, the Broncos are led by Peyton Manning who, while very talented, lacks the ability to close big games. With the majority of the country's eyes on him tonight, this could definitely be considered a big game. We all remember the last big game that Manning was in, in which he threw a game changing interception against these same Baltimore Ravens.

Denver has been listed around a 7.5 point favorite leading up to the game. I will be taking the Broncos -7.5, but I want to know who you think will win the game. Vote in the poll below and defend your selection by putting a comment into the comments section.