Scott Halleran, Getty Images

NBA official Dick Bavetta has now refereed as many consecutive games as Cal Ripken played. Who’s streak is more impressive? Ripken’s? Or the Ref’s?

Voicing the unpopular opinion, I debated a few other contributors to  See some of what we call a "Sound and Fury" right here.

Joe Bianchino: Cal Ripken’s iron man streak is incredibly impressive, and the long-time Oriole deserves every bit of the acclaim he’s received over the years.  He’s a legend of baseball and deserves to be remembered as such.

However, he’s a legend of baseball.  We’re not talking about hockey or football.  It’s baseball.  You spend 50% of your time on the field scratching your various naughty places, and another 25% going ham on some double bubble in the dugout.  I know there were double headers and he was hit by pitches and spiked while turning a double play, but give Bavetta some credit. Dude runs  up and down a court for 48 minutes night in and night out.

I’m sorry, but I think I lean the ref’s way.

Junior: You are an idiot.  He could ostensibly perform his ref duties from the prone position on the scorer’s table.  Hell, even I could NOT call travelling for 48 minutes from my couch at home.  Seriously, you’re asking me to heap praise on a dude who’s big bio entry now will be that he has been showing up to work for several days in a row.  Woo.  Freaking.  Hoo.