A lot has been said about New York Giants running back David Wilson and his uber-disappointing performance on Sunday Night Football against the Cowboys. Maybe it was the first quarter fumble where the ball was stripped from his hands. Or maybe it was the missed block that allowed Eli Manning to get blasted in the pocket.

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Or maybe it was in the third quarter whenever the Giants had momentum going there way, only down by three, and Wilson had the ball stripped from him again. This time, Cowboys safety Barry Church took it to the house in the opposite direction.

Of course this isn't the first time that David Wilson has coughed it up like he's in the middle of a physical. In the season opener last year, Wilson cost the Giants the game as well by getting the ball punched out of his claws.

So what the heck is his deal?! I've had tons of theories go through my mind ...
- The texture of the football just isn't comforting to him.
- He likes to live on the edge.
- A mental thing?

Then on Monday's show, former New York Giant Derek Brown joined me and uttered something very interesting ...

"David WIlson isn't strong enough," said Brown. "He's proven that anyone can rip the ball out of his hands. That tells me he's not strong enough."

A valid point. And a scary one too. What's he supposed to do - lift weights more?

If David Wilson's problem is indeed lack of strength, perhaps the Giants should look in a different direction from here on out. And judging by Coughlin's non-committal reaction when asked if Wilson is still the starter, it sounds like they're doing just that.

PS - Let's all look at this photo of Wilson doing one of his celebratory back-flips because: A) It's a cool pic and B) Who knows if we'll ever see it again!

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