According to now unemployed Rob Ryan, fired as defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, he won't be out of work for five minutes. Well, the clock is running, but will Rob find work with the his brother Rex in New York?

The Jets cast aside their defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and are in the market so the question seems all the obvious. Will the Ryan brothers reunite in trying to get the Jets back to the playoffs?

Now, let me answer that question as a Jets fan: NO. Please NO. I am begging you, NO. I am tired of the circus. It was fun when we were winning games in Rex's first two years. The Jets were the talk of the NFL. We are now the joke of the NFL.

While I don't care what the outside world thinks, frankly, I do care about winning and the circus attitude, which at one time shielded the players and put the entire focus on Rex, well that formula doesn't work or isn't working right now and adding Rob to the mix will only make the situation more of a zoo.

Imagine Rob and Rex, both publicity seekers, fighting for more camera time. Never in the history of the NFL has a defensive coordinator gotten so much camera time as Rob did with Dallas. After every tackle the camera's closed in on the cave man looking Rob just to watch his antics.

Now putting aside the circus and zoo stuff the very truth is Rob is overrated as a defensive coordinator. While he may be blaming injuries for the Cowboys finishing 19th in defense, the truth is that, when they were healthy, the Cowboys defense gave up lots of big plays. When healthy they had their moments but, mostly, Dallas' defense, despite adding several pieces including Maurice Claiborne and Brandon Carr, underachieved in my opinion.

While it might be fun to conjure up images of the Ryan brothers in the home lab working up exotic blitzes and that sort of stuff, I can only imagine how the press, a distraction in my view, will up their focus on the Jets. At one time I welcomed that. Now I just want some peace and quiet and WINS!