Okay farce maybe a little strong but another word didn't come to mind. Now Yankee fans chill. This  isn't about tradition, the team, the franchise or beating the Mets.  None of that. No I am not a Yankee fan. I am a Met fan. Therefore I am precluded from rooting for the Yanks. The stats and my eye tell me truth! There is NO debate who is a far better team between the Mets and Yanks sad to say

Pop ups to rightfield, if the jet stream is doing it's thing  and most games it is are homeruns. I mean I kid but not far off a check swing can result in a homerun. Taking it further it is such a joke that I can try and bunt a homerun.

Ok now let's look at the numbers. Old Yankee stadium surrended 167 long flys it's last year (2008) in operation. The 1st year at the new palace saw 259 deep flys. In 2010, 223 homers were sent flying. Last year 209. The 1st year 2.9 home runs were averaged per game. I mean that is absurd.

Now Yankee stadium isn't the only stadium whose construction can be debated. Petco.Citifield it's 1st few years on the other side. I mean canyons. But Citi and Tiger Stadium have adjusted their dimensions. Back to band boxes Cincinnati and Philadelphia are laughable. Others can be debated. But my concern here is Yankee stadium. Since the Radio Station I host at (1045 The Team-ESPN Radio) is the home of Yankee baseball and since it is New York this is my interest right now. Watching Russell Martin hit pop ups for dingers over the weekend piqued my dismay. No the Yanks didn't beat Mets because of the park (The Mets could have hit pop up homers as well) but it really showed me how much the ball park cheats real home runs. If I were the Yanks I would use it to my advantage more.

If given my choice I would rather have a canyon then a hole to earn homeruns not that I like that much either. Pop ups that get a little boost from the wind should not be homeruns. I am thinking I might be able to hit 4 per year there :)