The Saratoga Frozen Springs Pond Hockey Tournament returns February 9-11 at the Saratoga State Park! Get in the spirit by reading up on some "Canadianisms" you can use while watching—or playing—the game.

1. "Kerfuffle" - means commotion

"What's the kerfuffle here at the Saratoga State Park? Oh yea, it's POND HOCKEY!"

2. "Two-four" - means 24-rack of beer

"I'm ready for a two-four after that goal."

3. Arse - means hind quarters

"How'd you get that bruise?" "I fell on my arse yesterday at pond hockey!"

4. Chesterfield - means couch

"I can't wait to warm up and watch Netflix on the chesterfield later."

5. Toque - means wool winter hat

"I'm going to stay so warm for pond hockey because I'm bringing my best toque."

6. Backbacon - means Canadian bacon

"I asked for extra backbacon with my breakfast this morning, so I'm ready to skate all day long!"

7. Double-Double -  means coffee with two creams and two sugars

"A double-double from Tim Horton's would really hit the spot right now."

8. Queue - means line of people

"The queue for coffee is so long. I just want my double-double!"

9. Chinook - means warm breeze in the winter

"What a perfect winter day for pond hockey-- not too cold with the occasional chinook."

10. Give'r - means to give something your all

"We're gonna give'r this year at the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic. Bring it!"

We hope you have a skookem time at this year's Frozen Classic!

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