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Watch Yer Mouth! These are the 10 Things Upstate New Yorkers Love Arguing About
WE can say it, but don't you dare talk that smack if you're NOT from Upstate! Upstate New York life is good, but ask anyone who lives here and they'll tell you it's far from perfect.   While most of us share in our love for the change of seasons, certain foods, topography, and gifts that are unique to our area, there are plenty of things we don't agree on. New Yorker...
Tuesday Night Scores in Section II Boys & Girls Hoops
Tuesday is always a fun night in high school basketball. One thing I learned very early in coaching, kids love taking the bus to other schools. It's fun to play at home in front of your friends and classmates but the bus rides with your teammates was even better. Another thing that I learned, score reporting is sometimes done the following day. So, be patient as we try to get you all of the scores and more game details this season.
It Took 36 Years for Another New Yorker to Do This
Each year organizations in Major League Baseball draft select players from high schools and colleges from around the country to fill their minor league rosters. Often, the players that are drafted #1 come from California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and other warm weather states. Therefore, New Yorkers at the top of the MLB draft are few and far between. That is was another thing that made Rexford, NY native, Ian Anderson special being selected by the Braves as the third overall pick. The number one pick overall, that has been illusive for New Yorkers.

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