How Good is Your Memory?  Scroll Down For 10 Unforgettable Facts About the Epic Salt Chase Scene Shot in Albany

Rumor had it there was a Salt sequel in the works shortly after the action-packed Angelina Jolie movie hit theatres over a decade ago, but unfortunately, that never materialized.   Who doesn't love when major Hollywood studios make movie magic in our backyard?

So while it's unlikely to ever see Jolie in a Capital Region Stewart's getting coffee or ice cream for her kids, we can reminisce about the two months she was here shooting scenes for the blockbuster spy-thriller back in 2009.

Recently, I stumbled upon the chase scene featuring Jolie - and occasionally her stunt-double - online, and I had to watch it all over again.  And when I did, screengrabbed some shots from the scene that are "unmistakably Albany."

It's been over a decade, but well worth another look.  We've also included some factoids about the scene that perhaps you never knew, or may have forgotten.


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