No matter where you want to live, New York State probably has you covered.

You want to live in a major city? Well, head downstate and you're set. You want to live in a city, but not the city that never sleeps. Well, come to the state capital, after all! You want to live in a place so deserted and desolate, that your only companionship will be the wolves running around your cabin?

Well, we have that too.

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There are countless different areas, from the most urban to the most rural, that Empire State residents call home. In total, New York is broken up into 57 total counties, each with their own background, and their own unique traits.

The ranking website, Niche, takes into account all of those traits, from quality of life, schools, employment opportunities, and more and gives an aggregated grade to each county in the state.

With all of that being said, here are the ten best counties in the state of New York, according to the aggregated grade given to them by Niche.

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