Some of the greatest moments in WWE history have taken place on South Pearl St at the Times Union Center but none bigger than "Stone Cold" Steve Austin driving a beer truck to the ring. March 22nd, 1999 one of the most famous moments in the history of professional wrestling happened right here in front of a packed house at the Times Union Center and I was right there watching in person.

The feud between Stone Cold and "The Corporation" was at its peak and even though he was always outnumbered somehow Austin always got the last laugh on Vince McMahon and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It was the height of "The Attitude Era" of Monday Night RAW and in an attempt to top all of his other attacks Austin drove a DeCresente Distributing beer truck to the ring and hosed The Rock, Vince, and Shane McMahon as well as the first few rows of fans with GALLONS of beer.

I remember this night because it was early in my radio career and one of my last events for a Classic Rock station I used to work at. Backstage I got into a posedown with Edge and Christian who were vampires in "The Brood" with Gangrel at that point. Somewhere I still have a polaroid of that moment.

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Even with meeting two guys that would go on to be champions and more the one moment I'll never forget was my jaw-dropping when I saw that beer truck scrape the jumbotron and bump the ring before Austin turned the hose on The Rock and the McMahons. To this day I wonder how much beer went up Stone Cold's nose when he turned the hose up towards his mouth.

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