I don't mean to be the lemon in the bunch or the curmudgeon of the group, but I am not feeling this big event Sunday excitement!

First we have the Oscars. Yawn. A bunch of self-indulgent people with very high opinions of themselves. Probably doesn't help much that I am not a movie buff. Sure, I will watch movies but watching a good movie doesn't excite me like watching a good game. Maybe next year when Act Of Valor or something else on the horizon is up for nominations then I will get more excited. Ratings for the Oscars has slipped virtually every year. Part of this is the ratings game and those holding Oscar party. Wow, I can't think of anything duller than attending an Oscar party.

Event number 2 is the Daytona 500 if the race goes off with a questionable forecast. Sorry, auto racing isn't my thing. Don't get it. Never will. Don't see any strategy in auto racing except when to gas up and when to change tires. If this were football, that would mean the only strategy would be when to give a player some water and when to change cleats.

Unlike the Oscars, though, the drivers for the most part seem very humble and very talented. No scripts. Real danger. Now I might enjoy it better if they ran with rain coming down. I mean why not replicate real driving and skill. Drizzle has cancelled races. That's just dumb. Adapt to the inclement weather, I say. I also say it's pathetic when I hear people say "I watch it for the crashes". Really? You want to watch people get hurt and possibly killed? That's sick!

The third event is the NBA All-Star game. Wow, talk about the proverbial "who cares" until the last 5 minutes. Sorry, this bores me to tears. I LOVE DEFENSE in all sports. The crowds at these all star games are dead like a morgue and Orlando isn't exactly a rabid crowd to begin with. I  love rabid crowds. When the under-over is like 300 you know it will be a game where d'ing up will be cracked down on.

Okay, looking over the schedule: Akron vs Ohio or Oregon vs Oregon State. Looks more appetizing to me! Oh wait- the Blackhawks tangle with the Ducks on the former versus channel now NBC sports network.

For me it's a good reading night- or perhaps another Law and Order Marathon can be found. There has to be one or two episodes I haven't seen yet. Or perhaps ESPN Classic will replay that great Kansas vs Missouri game from Saturday. Now that's real excitement. Enjoy!