The 91st annual Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 24th. What is more prestigious than an Oscar, Emmy, Tony or Grammy? That's easy! A Gozzie Award. This year marks the start of the first annual Gozzie Awards (named of course in honor of co-host of the Levack and Goz show, Tom "Goz" Goslowski). The Gozzies will reward the best and in some cases worst 2018 from sports fans in the Capital Region. Here is your chance to vote for this year's winners below. Did we miss a write-in candidate? Should someone else be recognized? Let us know below.
The 1st Annual Gozzie Awards will in be awarded during Friday, February 22nd's Levack and Goz show. Remember you can listen to Levack and Goz 2-7pm every week on the FREE 1045 The Team app.
Best New York Pro Athlete
Odell Beckham Jr
Saquon Barkley
Aaron Judge
Jacob deGrom
Dangelo Russell
Best Pro New York Team
Albany Empire
Tri City Valley Cats
New York Yankees
New York Jets
New York Giants
New York Rangers
New York Islanders
New York Mets
New York Knicks
Brooklyn Nets
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Sabres
Best Capital Region Sports person of the Year
Kevin Huerter (Atlanta Hawks)
Scott Marr (Ualbany head coach)
Connor Fields (UAlbany lax)
Jamion Christian (Siena head coach)
Will Brown (Ualbany head coach)
Joe Cremo  (Scotia and Vilanova)
Joe Girard (HS stand out)
Ralph Isernia (RPI head coach )
Jeff Levack (submitted by Jeff Levack)
The Brian Mariano Memorial Yankee Producer of the Year Award
Eric Hannmann
Mike James
Taylor Lattimore
Bryce Zieleinski
Vinnie The Traffic Guy (submitted by Vinnie The Traffic Guy)
Dan America
John Longton
Best 104.5 The Team Video
Levack eats muffaletta
Goz dresses as the Rock
Levack preps for his flight to Atlanta
Eddie Brown jersey retirement
Goz dresses as Christmas Elf for December what to watch picks
The Worst Phone Call of the Year Award
Mike in Schenectady suggests benching Saquon Barkley
Grand Pappi goes seven minutes on college football
Pat in the Bronx says it is confirmed Mariano Rivera WILL not be a unanimous Hall of famer
Remi calls wrong # and interrupts Greg Gattuso interview
Kory In Greenwich suggests outrageous trades.
Worst Take of the Year
Goz suggests no one will remember who Blake Snell is in July... Snell goes on to win Cy  Young
Goz predicts New York Jets postseason bid... they go 5-11
Closer predicts Catholic Boy to win Travers... forgets to place bet
Levack calls Baker Mayfield a bust...finishes 2nd in Rookie of the year voting
Levack says the New England Patriots dynasty is dead
Best Social Media Message of the Year Award
Jamal- December 11th So Cashman has a burner account.... I wonder if he’s
engage in a tweef (credit to @TomGozz) with anyone???? #PinstripePride #nyy #NYYankees #HotStove #WinterMeetingsWilliam Fisetti-hey guys I'm on my way down now to put my name in the Box I hope your couch is still free I brought my sleepover bagWarmsundae-Taco Bell? Really? 1999 called. It wants its tacos back.Jim-What are some of your favorite places in Schenectady-Adult World

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