Bruce Jacobs, host of Game On, hates kickers. It's been repeatedly stated and well documented that he has absolutely no respect for the art and craftsmanship behind field goal kicking. In Bruce’s not so humble opinion, an NFL kicker should make anything inside of 43 yards 9.9 out of 10 times or he sucks. Well, on Monday, Bruce and his campaign against pro-kickers got some serious help from an 8th grader.


It looks like Blake Carter has himself a future. Check out this video of the 14 year-old booting a 63 yarder in full pads. Sure, it may have been off a tee, and yes it was in practice, but 63 yards is 63 yards (in case you didn't know, 63 yards in the NFL record) Somewhere Scott Norwood is crying himself to sleep.

Of course, not everyone is as gifted as young Mr. Carter. Last winter, after yelling, screaming and making a scene over Billy Cundiff shanking a Super Bowl clinching chip shot, Bruce himself attempted a 35 yarder in what has become known as “The Great Worm Massacre of 2012.” It was ugly, and it was all caught on film...

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