Play 104.5 ESPN Radio The Team's 99 Bottles Contest for a chance to win tickets to the Yankees vs. Red Sox first series game at Yankee Stadium!

HOW TO PLAY: Each day starting Nov. 3, during "Armen & Levack" from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., make sure you're listening to 104.5 The Team, where at least one person will be chosen per hour to qualify for the prize.

On Monday, December 1, Armen and Levack will be broadcasting live from Legends Fields inside OTB. On the day of the broadcast, all of the listeners who qualified will be invited to join Armen and Levack at Legends. As they arrive, they will each sign in and receive a number, which will determine the order in which each qualified participant will get to choose a bottle.

Beginning at 7 p.m. on that night, the participants will choose their bottles which will reveal a sports logo on the bottom and will win tickets to a sporting event of that team. One of the bottles is connected to the grand prize Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

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