The 2 things that have hurt the Mets the most are the bullpen which is brutal and the defense, which is probably not going to get better this year. So what would I do if I were the Metropolitans-Go hard after Justin Upton if indeed the Diamondbacks are foolish enough to want to deal the budding star.

Word out of Arizona is the DBacks are discussing dealing Upton. The owner of the ball club Ken Kendrick ripped Upton earlier this year. The fans have taken to booing him. Upton is talking back to the fans. It all makes for a not so happy relationship.

Upton started the season slowly but has picked it up the last 4 or so weeks. Trading him makes no sense but hey why not get in on the action. Upton has 3 years remaining on his contract at 11 million per so cost certainty is locked in.

Now to the tricky part-what to part with to make a bid. being the "fair" guy I am I have a solid proposal I believe. It starts with Lucas Duda the Mets Rightfielder. Duda is the instant replacement for Upton. I also offer Arizona the choice of Jordanny Valdespin or Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Both play centerfield and have the versatility to play other positions. Either would replace Chris Young who is a fine defensive player with good power but his .200 batting average is a disaster and as a leadoff hitter his on base percentage is terrible.

To complete the deal if the Diamondbacks wanted I would give up a young pitcher not named Harvey or Wheeler. This would give the Diamondbacks 2 things.. Cost certainty and major league talent. They did win the NL West last year so it's not like they are in some rebuilding mode.

For the Mets they get the middle of the order power they need. Imagine  going Wright-Upton-Davis in the middle of the lineup. Upton is a 5 tool player that has plenty of growth to do and upside to his game. he is a little lazy at times in the field and has had a history of striking out too much but he cut that down last year. He has a solid arm  and great speed. Remember he is ONLY 24.

Rumor has it the Pittsburgh Pirates are making a push for Upton. In the end I believe the Dbacks will not be fools and trade Upton but the Mets ought to call and kick the tires and see if Arizona indeed wants to go in a different direction. If they do then the Mets should make a hard push to take Upton off their hands

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