The popular professional wrestling promotion, AEW, saw their flagship show Dynamite lose over 190,000 viewers in just one week. Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez posted the ratings for WWE's NXT show and AEW's Dynamite show in back to back weeks via social media.



Why has there such a deep decline in ratings in back to back weeks? AEW's December 9th show promoted a main event match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. Not only did Omega become the new AEW World Champion but professional wrestling legend Sting returned to TNT for the first time in nearly two decades. WWE's NXT show did see an over 100,000 viewer boost. The December 16th main event featured Rhea Ripley taking on Toni Storm.

What will happen over the next few weeks during professional wrestling "Wednesday Night Wars"?  NXT is planning a special event on Wednesday January 6th called New Year's Evil.

The NBA season opener is scheduled for December 23rd and is likely to move AEW's Dynamite show according to reports

AEW did make national headlines this week when Cody and Brandi Rhodes announced they were expecting the couple's first baby this June.

WWE's NXT airs Wednesday nights on the USA Network at 8pm. AEW's Dynamite airs Wednesday nights on TNT at 8pm. You can watch AEW's After Dark along with more of the promotion's content on their official YouTube page.

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