Thomas Goslowski Jr, the father of 104.5 The Team's Thomas "Goz" Goslowski III stars in the recently released Hulu film The Ultimate Playlist of Noise. describes the film 's plot line:

Marcus, an audio-obsessed high school senior, learns he must undergo brain surgery that will render him deaf, and decides to seize control of his fate by recording the Ultimate Playlist of Noise.

The film is headlined by Keenan Johnson, Madeline Brewer and Bonnie Hunt. Although these actors are considered the "stars" of the film, Goslowski Jr plays an influential part.

Goslowski Jr "stars" as a police officer in a scene replicating  New York City's Penn Station. Keep an eye open at the 1:04:17 mark in the film.

Make sure to listen to Levack and Goz today at 4:30pm during Hit The Miss/Miss the Mark as they offer their reviews on the film.

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Some people may be wondering how Goz's dad ended up being a part of this film's cast. The Ultimate Playlist of Noise filmed in Goz's hometown of Syracuse, New York. The film is directed by American High, a production company filming in Central New York. American High has also released other films including The Binge, Holly Slept Over, Banana Split, Big Time Adolescence and Looks That Kill  According to 104.5 The Team's sources, much of Goslowski Jr's pivotal scene was edited out of the film.

This weekend is packed with great sports content including the NFL playoffs, exciting NBA games and the first weekend of NHL regular season action. Make sure to find time to watch The Ultimate Playlist of Noise this weekend.

You can sign up a Hulu account today by following the link here

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