The Pro Bowl isn't the most exciting affair, but it's fun to watch the best of the best try and top each other and try out trick plays.   This year the AFC was able to roll past the NFC for the win thanks to 4 big TD's by Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall.

While everyone else was playing at half speed, Brandon Marshall decided to for full on.  He was able to connect with Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers and Andy Dalton twice on 4 TDs, a Pro Bowl record.   Marshall caught a total of 6 passes in all during the game, and was named the MVP.

The NFC QBs weren't too bad either.  Aaron Rodgers was 13-17 with 2 TDs.  Drew Brees was 10-14 with 2 TDs as well, while Cam Newton 9 of 27 with 2 TDs but also threw 3 interceptions.

The 100 total points scored is the second highest Pro Bowl score of all time, second to 2004's 107 point performance. Both conferences are tied at 21 wins a piece in the Pro Bowl.