The holidays are right around the corner, but there's barely any snow to speak of! If you're not really feeling the holiday spirit just yet, we have some suggestions of things to do to help you get there. 

  • Credit: Evan Sharboneau/Thinkstock

    Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

    This is something I've never done, but seems like everyone is doing this year! There's no shortage of tree farms in the Capital Region, so that might play a part. Sure, going to the store and buying a tree is easy, but why not make an event of it? Bring the family, find your perfect tree, and cut that sucker down yourself. It'll be beautiful and you'll be proud every time you look over at it.

  • Credit: Jess Hudson

    Go Ice Skating at the Plaza

    This is something I've definitely taken advantage of in recent years. You don't even need to own skates to come skate the Plaza. There are skate rentals right onsite, and they're cheap too! Even better than that- EVERYONE skates for free on Fridays. Free stuff ain't just for kids anymore. This is so fun, and it's actually a pretty good workout. You might not realize how much it hurt until you're home, but it's worth it.

  • Matt Cardy, Getty Images News

    See the Holiday Lights

    I haven't done this one yet, but that'll change this year. I drove past the light displays on Madison Ave. the other night, and even from afar they look so pretty and intricate! You can walk or drive through, and the displays are open until Jan. 2, so if you're crazy busy with the holidays, you could even go a couple days after. What better thing to get you in the spirit?