By now I'm sure you've heard that comedian Bert Kreischer called Albany, NY the Biggest Dump" on his recent "Body Shots" tour. If somehow you've missed it, just watch the video above.

Kreischer and fellow comedian Tom Segura appeared on the YouTube series called "Hot Ones: Truth or Dab." The premise of the show is the host Sean Evans asks you tough questions and you either answer with the TRUTH or eat a wing with a DAB of super hot sauce. When Evans kicked off the segment by asking Kreischer about his recent tour: “Of the 28 cities you visited, which one was the biggest dump?” Kreischer starts eating the hot wing and jokes “Can’t wait to come back next year!” then even though he no longer has to answer says. “By the way, it was Albany."

Kreisher performed at The Egg in January which The Egg is really nice. Now I will concede Albany and the people who live here can be a little rough around January. It's been winter for months and we're all cold and moody. However, Albany is no dump!

Here's the best part Tom Segura, the other comic in this video is coming to Albany in August. This is our chance to get a redo and Levack and Goz are giving away tickets to the show. Listen all week long to win tickets to Tom Segura at the Palace Theater on August 8th.

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