There was a large police presence in Albany's South End on Monday as officers were first responding to a domestic incident. As they were questioning the suspect, it appeared he had a warrant and police attempted to arrest him. That's when the suspect resisted, pulling a knife and slashing an officer. That's when another officer shot the suspect.

The Times Union posted this video of the incident.

WARNING: Video is graphic

Both the officer who was slashed and the suspect were taken to Albany Med and are in stable condition. The officer who fired the shot was placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure in altercations where shots are fired.

Albany Police chief Eric Hawkins says the officers acted properly and praised their handling of the situation:

This is conclusive evidence that these officers performed at a very, very high level

What's not clearly visible in this video is the officer being slashed, but Hawkins says there is more bodycam footage that hasn't been released due to its graphic nature.

Neither the 54 year old suspect or the officers involved have not been publicly identified, though the injured officer is said to be recovering at home. Chief Hawkins says he expects the suspect to face additional charges.


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