I, and many sensed absurd when we saw that Florida Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested last week. Technically he was popped for resisting arrest.However the whole incident was supposedly blown out of proportion  because Morrison was hassled for barking at the canine unit dog named Bear.

Morrison was stopped by cops and when he approached  he playfully barked at the dog. The arresting officer from   Alachua County by the name of William Arnold put Morrison in cuffs. As Morrison then claimed he said to the officer "officer please let me go. I am not looking for trouble. I just said woof woof."

Now the sheriff of the department, Sadie Darnell, says that the arresting officer over reacted, claiming that the officer was not out of line for arresting Morrison for  barking at the police dog but he could have chosen a citation. Darnell said her officers face a lot of danger in the area where the arrest took place. But Darnell conceded " sometimes our officers don't think things all the way through."

To compound Morrison's trouble this latest arrest, not needed, cost him a suspension. Adding to the absurdity of this situation, Morrison was recently popped for simple battery for punching a bouncer in the head after the bouncer at a bar wouldn't cut the fee for him to enter the club. For that offense Morrison was not suspended. For this nonsensical arrest Florida head coach Will Muschamp suspended the kid for 2 games. Go ahead and figure that out!

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