I keep hearing how the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant, in particular, are on a mission this postseason: to silence the critics from last year's collapse in the NBA Finals and those ripping KD for "taking the easy way out" by signing with a team that won 73 games in the 2015-16 regular season. My eyes concur; the Warriors appear determined to finish this thing in 4 games. A possibility almost no one would have considered against a team led by the best player on the planet.

Will it surprise me if the Cavs return home tonight and win game 3? Of course not. But if the Warriors truly are serious about making further postseason history by going 16-0, I think we'll know early on tonight. If there is a level of carelessness and even disinterest (a possible side effect of the effusive praise they've received), then we will start to hear plenty about what happened last year. And don't you think Golden State is tired of hearing about last year?

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