Kevin Durant Taunts Trailblazers On Podcast [VIDEO]
With the NBA Western Conference Finals tipping off tonight audio is making the rounds of Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant on a Podcast with Portland Trailblazers' CJ McCollum. In the podcast the two NBA stars have a very candid conversation about DeMarcus Cousins and where KD thinks Por…
New York Is Heavy Favorite To Be Kyrie's Next Home
Now that the Boston Celtics' season is over the "summer of Kyrie" can officially begin. Kyrie Irving will be one of the biggest names in the NBA looking for a new home this off season. So which NBA franchise do Vegas odds have as the favorites to land Kyrie Irving?
Knicks Should Pass On Kyrie Irving
The Boston Celtics were out classed yet again by the Milwaukee Bucks and a lot of blame needs to go to Kyrie Irving. Irving went 7 for 22 last night and 8 for 22 the game before. I can handle a few bad nights and I can except the fact the Bucks are really good which could make Irving look bad but I …

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