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Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus apologized Monday for an explosive meltdown during the fourth inning that saw him cover up home plate with his sweatshirt and unleash an expletive-laden mouthful at umpire Doug Eddings

Ausmus, who earlier in the day responded angrily to reporters' questions about his job security, said he had yet to watch video of his memorable ejection, but admitted to becoming "unraveled" after Eddings rung up Nick Castellanos on a close third strike.

"There comes a point when you get seven or eight guys coming back from home plate complaining about the strike zone, they can't all be wrong," Ausmus told's Jason Beck. "I understand sometimes hitters have a skewed view of something, but when you've got that many guys coming back, they can't all be wrong.

Ausmus' bizarre reaction quickly found its way onto social media, where audio of his R-rated exchange with Eddings went viral.

I certainly don't want young kids hearing what I'm saying, but I'm not going out there to try and be politically correct," he said after Detroit's 10-8 win. "I'm going out there because I'm upset. And when I'm upset, sometimes some cuss words come out. So I apologize to any kids that might have heard it. Don't repeat it. But it's part of baseball. It has been for 120 years."

Ausmus' meltdown came just hours after he became annoyed with answering questions about being on the hot seat following the Tigers' disappointing start. His frustration apparently boiled over into Monday's game against the Twins, who nearly erased an eight-run deficit by scoring eight unanswered runs of their own.

"No, you know what, we get it," he said before the game. "I'm on the hot seat, I might get fired. We're done talking about it.