Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the fiercest rivals in all of sports. Think of a rivalry a little more fierce than Yankees vs. Red Sox and right around the level of Manchester City vs. Manchester United. That is why today's Copa Del Rey semifinal match between the two is such a big deal.

The Copa Del Rey is Spain's national club tournament, in which teams from the top league in the country, as well as teams from lower divisions, square off to determine Spain's best club team.

Of course, with Barca and Real being the two best sides in Spain, it almost always comes down to them.

Coming into today, the two teams are tied 1-1 after a draw in the first of two matches to decide which of them ends up in the final match.

After the first leg, Real Madrid's Jose Callejon alleged that Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi verbally abused his teammates, stating that Messi is not the good guy that everyone thinks he is. Barcelona says that Messi will respond on the field. All of this just serves to heighten the drama for what will surely be a fascinating match this afternoon.

So who will advance to the final today? Will it be Messi and Barcelona, or will Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid squad push through?

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