Nothing more sickening to me then a so called journalist who whines and is so conceited and self righteous they make you want to hurl.

I cite Jason Stark of ESPN for my latest tirade against so called " journalists." If you have read any of my ramblings about so called "journalist" you would know that I don't respect that title much, think many are phony's, and their own belief of self worth is way over estimated. Stark is just the latest to A-try and inject himself into a story and B- cry about some self perceived slight.

Stark was on ESPN radio Tuesday morning crying how Ryan Braun told him to his face that he didn't use steroids. Oh this made Stark angry. How dare he lie to Jason Stark!!!!!

Stark in my opinion has been part of the steroid problem. I haven't heard him express such outrage over the players using the junk in the 1st place. When I have heard him frankly it has made me nauseous, with his pontificating about roid use in relation to hall of fame credentials . He has droned on how he can't play judge and jury and therefore would vote yes for some players who have cheated the game, the fans, and the history of the game. Players such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Typical "journalist" trying to over think the situation so they can sound " smart and thoughtful and inciteful" when the reality in my view is they cause exactly the opposite. They tend to muck up a clear thinking, straight forward issue to begin with.

In my view a direct, relentless, and harsh condemnation of steroid use, not this over thinking, mish mash of emotional pap, would have gotten us to the point we are at right now, sooner. Instead it has been 20 years, give or take, for the baseball union to declare they no longer will support players who have cheated when the evidence is clear and well established. A water shed moment for sure!

But what set Stark off is the fact the Braun, suspended for 65 games dare lie to him!!!! Lie to the game-no problem. Lie to the fans-no big thing. Cheat the history and record book- well whatever. But lie to Stark- UNACCEPTABLE. OUTRAGEOUS!

Stark was hurt, mad, angry that Braun dare lie to him!!!!

Memo to Stark-Who the hell are you? You aren't bigger then any paying fan, or any even scrub player that has played in the big leagues. Yet listening to him whine how he was lied to, well that should be reason for treason I gather.

Memo to Stark- your hodge podging this thing, along with other "journalists", fans, baseball executives, owners, have helped these cheating swine players put up bogus stats and help secure fat contracts for false stats and performance. Using roids should have been condemned by EVERYONE who was involved in the game in any capacity, from owning it, to writing and talking about it, to showing up and paying for it. Failure to do exactly that allowed this disaster to go on long after it needed or should have in my view.

For Stark to be upset that a habitual liar like Braun dared lie to him was just over the top arrogance but typical of many, not all, so called "journalists"


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