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Is Andy Pettitte a Hall of Famer [POLL]
Andy Pettitte is one of the great Yankee pitchers of all-time.  He has the postseason numbers and the wins, but his ERA is high.  Plus, he will always be connected to steroids, HGH and Roger Clemens.  Is he a Hall of Famer?  Vote here:
Hall Of Shame
After weeks of debate and enhanced drama, "judgment day" was finally upon us - would anyone be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2013? The answer was finally provided by Jeff Idelson, president of the Hall of Fame, and the answer was no.
Youkilis A Yankee
There was Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, and Johnny Damon. Now you can add Kevin Youkilis to the growing list of former Boston Red Sox players, despised by Yankee fans, joining the Bronx Bombers.
The Yanks and Youkilis made it official on Tuesday as the former Sox third and first baseman inked a one year…
Should Bonds, Clemens And Sosa Be Hall Of Famers?
Earlier today, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced the 37-man ballot for the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Among the 24 first-year eligible players are notable "suspected steroid users" Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa...
Roger Clemens 2012 Comeback – Good For Baseball?
Over the last few weeks, 50-year-old Roger Clemens has made a couple of starts on the pitcher's mound for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League. During this small-scale comeback, the Houston Astros have sent scouts to his starts and are considering bringing in Clemens for a spot-start …

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