We are down to just eight teams in the Best Champions of All Time Bracket. As we count down the days until Sunday, we want to determine the best winner of all time. Just for voting, you also have a chance at a pretty sweet prize.

Were there any surprises in the round of 16? If there was one, it is that the Patriots were eliminated right off the bat by the '06 Colts. That's a tough one, but I have a feeling a lot of us were just ready to see the Patriots losing something, so they won't be moving ahead to the Round of 8.

The decisions are getting tougher now. Will the '72 Dolphins keep their streak alive in our bracket too? Do the Steelers have the edge? We also have the '66 Packers hanging around. Every team left in the bracket could deserve your vote, so make your voice heard.

Best Champions Bracket Round of 8

The coolest part is Best Fitness has agreed to give away a free 3-month gym membership each round and a FULL YEAR gym membership when The Best Team is decided. Just a little extra incentive to bring you back each round and help us crown our all-time champion.


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