Earlier we told you that today was the official opening day of a Victoria's Secret store inside of the Dallas Cowboy's stadium in Arlington. We're daydreaming about the half time show getting a whole lot better real soon, so this is a business partnership we feel really passionate about.

As if that didn't already make our day, we've also discovered a website counterwith 35 days ticking away on it -- the rumor being an announcement that Dallas will be the next city to get a bikini basketball franchise. Why are we excited? The list of bikini teams keeps growing!

Working from the same genius model as the mildly successful Lingerie Football League, the Bikini Basketball League is comprised of women playing basketball...[build suspense]... bikinis! Don't worry though - It's not just some gimmick. What the players lack in uniforms they more than make up for in skill.

Donovan Price, former club owner turned GM for the Chicago Desire commented: "It's not all about the bikinis. You know, Hooters is what it is, but the wings are actually good."

Hooters has food? We hadn't noticed.

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