For Jason Sudeikis, the term "nothing but net" isn't just referring to a soccer goal anymore.

Sudeikis, the star of the hit Apple TV+ sitcom Ted Lasso, was caught on-video on the court at Madison Square Garden, the home of the New York Knicks, with a number of his fellow castmates this past weekend. Naturally, Sudeikis found himself with a basketball in his hands, and an open lane to shoot it.

What happened next caused the actor to go viral, something he's probably become accustomed to in recent years.

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Jason Sudeikis Goes Viral for Swishing Three-Pointer on NY Knicks' Court

A video clip began to float around social media on Saturday featuring cast members of the show Ted Lasso on the court at Madison Square Garden. The video appeared to have been shot after a game, likely after the Knicks' hard-fought 116-110 win over the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night.

As part of the win, New York had gone 9-for-32 from beyond the arc on Saturday. So, Jason Sudeikis decided to turn that "nine" into a "ten" by doing this:

As you can see, Sudeikis' shot hit nothing but net, causing an uproar among the members of the cast who had witnessed it. Sudeikis, meanwhile, completely downplayed the shot, adding to the overall comedy of the moment.

Fans of Jason Sudeikis and the show itself took to Twitter to share their replies to the viral moment:

As mentioned above, Jason Sudeikis and company have made a habit out of going viral since their show, Ted Lasso, became an instant classic on Apple TV+. The show was adapted from a skit that was used by NBC years ago to promote their then-recent purchase of the broadcast rights for Premier League Football, or soccer, as we would call it.

In the skit, Sudeikis plays a coach from the American South, Ted Lasso, who had been "hired" by the team Tottenham as their new head coach. Lasso's background was in American football, and would struggle to understand the game of "futbol" in a series of commercials.

Here's an example:

Years later, Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt would develop a show based on the character, and after a number of attempts to find a home for the show, finally agreed to have it broadcast on Apple TV+.

The first episode of the show would soon become the platform's most-watched debut episode ever, and has since garnered a large cult following. The season is now in its third, and quite possible last, season on-the-air.

Based on the viral video from this weekend, maybe a Ted Lasso basketball spin-off series could come next.

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