One of the most popular and interactive segments on the Levack and Goz show continues to be Socially Awkward Media. The weekly segment is when you do the work! Plus it's your opportunity to hear your opinions mentioned on air. The best, worst, and most awkward social media messages of the week are compiled throughout all the 104.5 The Team social media platforms. The segment is back to its original time at 4 pm on Thursdays and each week Thursday's Socially Awkward Media can be heard on the free 104.5 The Team app.

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Below is the week's best:

Paul: Hey guys because of Covid I don’t know who has the games on every about a shoutout for some of the local bars that still have it.

Adam: KOD Levack, what did Allen do to you?? Changing my pick, had buffalo but now Allen will toss 2 picks and fumble at least once!

RJ: Allen - 24 fumbles in 29 career games before this past week.

Mike: Nice win by your Raiders pretty good call on the score I know you said raiders 34 to 31.

William: Jeff how about if (and that’s a big IF) NE wins you would bring it back to 2001 and relive the tuck rule play. You would reenact the play-by-play for that play and the final kick but do it from the New England perspective

Chris: Hope they go all in to get Albany’s favorite wide receiver back

D3 Football Huddle: 10 years ago I crashed and burned during this Fall Nationals stunt at #HWSHomecoming. I’ll recount that story, talk a little

Peter: Gozz is Hobart Harry.

DJ: 4 Loko pregame drink

Hot Rod's Creole: Join in Baton Rogue Lousiana

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