As the serious journalist that I am, I found a true Buffalo Bills star that wasn't afraid to make a prediction. In a day and age where everyone is afraid to predict victory, Billy Buffalo is a throw back to a time when men were men and...well Buffaloes were also men. Billy called his shot "The Bills will win the AFC East!" Obviously Bills' Quarterback Josh Allen was jealous of all the time I was spending with Billy so he rudely photo bombed us.

Bills fans

The truth is Josh Allen is LOVED by Bills fans and he clearly loves them back. Allen was literally hit from the start to the end of practice. Ever drop back and every drill coaches were smacking Allen with pads and pestering him in any way possible. After hours of practicing in the heat while being swatted by coaches I doubt I'd feel like signing autographs. Add in that Allen's family was there and it's even more impressive he signed  just about every autograph he could. Time will tell what kind of QB Allen will be on the field but I'm already impressed by him off the field.

Josh Allen Signing for fans