Blake Griffin executed one of the best slam dunks of the season against Kendrick Perkins and the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night.


Blake Griffin completely posterized Kendrick Perkins on Monday night.  Blake's Los Angeles Clippers went on to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 112-100.  Griffin's dunk was very similar to his dunk on former New York Knicks center Timofey Mozgov.  Blake definitely has the ability to embarrass his opponents.  He is a highlight-reel-type player. 

Kendrick Perkins said it best.  Perkins said, "If you’re a shot blocker, you’re going to get dunked on.  It happens."  I would add a little footnote to that statement though.  If you're a shot blocker and you're defending Blake Griffin, you have a better chance of getting dunked on.

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