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Blotto lands on list of greatest rock song endings
By Amy Biancolli on July 27, 2016 at 11:35 AM

The legendary, long-lived Albany band Blotto got a little love recently from Guitar World, which has included the group in its rundown of the “10 Greatest Rock and Roll Song Endings Of All Time.”

“Metal Head” is listed as number 4, with this panegyric:

This obscure group, in a parody of ’80s heavy metal, takes the ever-loving piss out of the drawn-out rock ’n’ roll ending by practically turning it into its own movement. Obviously, they espouse the philosophy that life is a joke. Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma vouches for Blotto, though, by playing lead guitar on the track"

Who are the top 3?
Gun's N Roses
Prince and the Who

Not bad company.
Blotto is an Albany base band who's drummer Paul Rapp happens to be my lawyer. They used to play my live hollowed shows and Blottoween was legendary. They are such a cool band and to get this accolade is just so cool. They still play every now and then so go catch them live next time.