We went nearly three months without answers in this troubling case.

Anton Sovetov, a 44-year old man, graduate of Yale University and employee at the institution, was first reported as missing on February 6, 2022. He had last been in contact with his colleagues on February 4th, and was seen on security footage the day after, but there had been no sign of him since that point.

This past weekend, we finally received an answer, and it was a terrible, tragic answer that everyone was involved was hoping they'd never have to hear.

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As reported by a number of outlets including MSN, the body of Sovetov was found on Long Island, New York over the weekend, nearly three months after he had first been reported as missing.

The cause of death is still yet to be determined. Sovetov was discovered on a beach in Southold, New York, by a young boy who was walking along the beach with his mother.

As was described by the MSN article, those closest to Sovetov at Yale said that their last contact with him was on February 4, 2022. He was seen on security footage around his apartment building at approximately 6:00 PM the following day, and that video was the last that was seen of him, before this weekend.

Sovetov was an extremely creative person during his life, and found success in the area of graphic design at the Ivy League level. Sovetov was born and raised in Russia, and after coming to the United States, got a Master of Fine Arts from Yale’s School of Art in 2016. He began working for the Yale Office of the University Printer soon after, and had remained with the university in an graphic design employee role ever since.

His obituary had a moving passage about his creativity:

"He distinguished himself for the breadth of his artistic skills — including drawing, calligraphy, typography and type design, and digital illustration — and was hired onto the regular staff after the fellowship." - Obituary of Anton Sovetov

As a Connecticut native, and someone who went to college ten minutes away from Yale at Quinnipiac University, this story struck me when I first read it. It's a terrible, horrible tragedy, and one that deserves a light shined on it, because those closest to Sovetov deserve answers as to what led to this point.

Not only that, but it appeared as though Sovetov was a creative and intellectual person, and the kind of life that is worth celebrating.

As mentioned by MSN's article on the story, anyone with information that could aid the investigation into Sovetov’s death should contact Yale police at 203-432-4400, New Haven police at 203-946-6316, or send an anonymous text tip through the LiveSafe app.


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