A bomb threat was made at Saratoga Hospital and forced the emergency room and nearby streets to close, according to the Saratogian.

"A man who made the threat, which proved negative, is being evaluated for mental health-related issues.

The incident started at 12:33 p.m. when the city police department’s 911 center received a fire alarm call for the hospital’s intensive care unit, and a burglary alarm for the emergency room, at the same time.

City police and fire units responded immediately. Working closely with hospital security officials, it was determined that both were false alarms"

Some nut bag goes into the ER and drops a green duffel bag, which he said had a bomb,
then he leaves. The Saratoga police caught him a block away. What a shock to find out this bag of crazy had mental health issues. He is being evaluated and has not yet been charged.

NOT YET BEEN CHARGED! Really? I don't care if he's crazy, charge him and let them
put him in a happy home for a while. He is clearly a threat to public safety. If you walk into a public place and scream bomb and there is not bomb YOUR NUTS.