The Barry Bonds perjury trial is going on right now.  Ho-Hum.  But when the dust (clean and) clears, I really think Barry Bonds will be found NOT guilty.

I'm not saying he didn't do steroids and lie about it.  He totally was juicing!  All I'm saying is this jury will have reasonable doubt based on a pretty weak case.

This Bonds stuff has gone on way too long.  The trial is finally underway 7 1/2 years after the Homerun King first appeared in front of a federal grand jury. 

Bonds has been charged with perjury, obstruction of justice stemming from accusations he lied to a federal grand jury about knowingly using performance enhancing drugs.

The government has been trying to gather evidence and witnesses for 7 years.  If their case was that strong, this would have been brought to trial years ago.  The drug test that Bonds failed was obtained illegally and can’t be used against him.  Those tests were supposed to be anonymous with no reprecussions.

I don't really think they are getting very credible people to testify.  Key witness Greg Anderson, Bonds former trainer, refused to testify to grand jury and was sent to jail.  He just refused to testify at Bonds' trial and went to jail again.  Without testimony from Anderson, the jury will not be presented with several things that could incriminate Bonds, such as doping calendars Anderson presumably made for Bonds to follow.

The government's success rate of 98% in perjury trials don't necessarily apply in the Bonds case.  Remember, these perjury trials usually involve violent crimes, fraud or drug trafficking.  This isn’t that case here.  This is a case that involves a high-profile athlete lying about injecting himself with a needle full of steroids. Keep it in perspective.

The government has gone so far and invested so much money and time into this, that they can’t turn back now – regardless of how strong or weak their case is.

It’s very hard to prove that someone did drugs.  You don’t do these things out in the open.  And without definitive proof, multiple witnesses, videotape, legit audio of Bonds saying, “Hey, it’s Barry Bonds, I’m doing steroids on June 23rd, 2004.  Come and bust me”, there is really not much of a case here!

Remember, the prosecution has to prove Bonds lied about doing steroids.  But if they don't have any proof he actually did steroids, how can they prove he was lying?