Hey Roger Goodell where are you? We have a bounty put out-by Devils Goalie Martin Brodeur no less. Yes the hick from the canadien sticks, 1 of the most OVER RATED netminders in NHL history unless you only go by the numbers has warned the Rangers that the Devils will shoot at their heads if they continue to go down and block shots.

Hey dictator Goodell it's time to call your pal Gary Bettman and tell him how to handle himself like the dictator you are!

Just imagine how the dictator would handle this. Seems Brodeur is frustrated the Rangers have courage and are willing to go down and eat rubber to stop shots. In the Hockey world this is about manhood. In Classless Brodeur's world this means vengence.

After the Rangers won game 1 of this series 3-0 behind the shutout of Henrik Lundqvist, the classless Brodeur urged his team to fire pucks at the legs and heads of would be Ranger shot blockers. Of course mouthy Brodeur won't be skating up and down the ice like his team mates who I guess aren't willing to slide in front of a puck. This smacks of the gutless baseball pitcher in the American league who head hunts, thus leaving the retribution that would be had for a team mate to take the pain.

Brodeur is clearly frustrated. His team is over matched. His team was beaten in a must win for them with all the "experts" claiming the Rangers would be fatigued and tired and out matched for game 1. Course as usual the "experts' were wrong and wore down the Devs scoring 3x in the 3rd period.

Yesterday on the radio show( game on with Bruce Jacobs-3-7pm est on 1045 the team, espn radio) a caller named Pete who was what I call a hit and run caller, meaning he didn't want to go on the air, just wanted to drop a comment and run claimed I am stoking hatred and doesn't understand why I take to trashing the opponents fans (I am a Rangers fan). Maybe now after hearing of Marty's comments Pete will understand why I detest the Jersey Dovs and why beating them is very enjoyable. Maybe now he will understand why I stoke the fire the way I do!

Yet is Marty, the recipient of a soccer style system by his former coaches mostly Jacque Lemaire that choked off any movement by the opposition (called the neutral zone trap). It dumbed the game down, led to dismal TV ratings, was the most boring Hockey in history and because of the system Marty faced only like 18 shots per game, 15 would hit him in the stomach. Brodeur is no Patrick Roy or Dom Hasek thats for sure. He is like the Football player that crows about rushing for 1000 yards in the 16 game format. Brodeur's numbers are vastly over rated and so is he. His opposition Goalie Henrik Lundqvist owns him!

With the game 1 loss eating at Marty, who by the way showed his class by cheating on his wife with his wife's brothers sister no less told the media the Devs should aim their shots at the heads of the NY Rangers. Hmm sounds like Gregg Williams of the Saints telling his players to contact the head, contact the head. The dictator of the NFL Goodell has suspended Williams indefinitly. Will NHL commish Bettman step in and put a sock in Marty's mouth? Doubtful! And that's ok. The Rangers will handle matters on the ice like it used to be in sports before the clueless like Goodell came around.

So Marty the classless you advocate for aiming a slap shot at the heads of the opposition. Perhaps Ranger fans should reciprocate by bringing photos of your 1st wife  before you decided to go have sex with her sister in law.

Now Pete the caller maybe now you understand my hatred for the Devils who always seem to be using antics since they can't beat the Rangers on the ice-see coach Deboar sending his goons for the opening faceoff before the final regular season match between the 2- to this nonsense spewing from the pie hole of classless Marty and why I spar with the Devil fans.

Hey Marty here is a suggestion for you-Why not try stopping those pucks because if you played for the Rangers (no thanks) the Ranger players would stop them for you! Game 2 of the Holland Tunnel hatred is tonight at 8pm back at the sold out and loud Madison Square Garden! bring your game Marty and be ready for the onslaught coming your way you classless fool!