The New York Rangers just had one of their greatest regular seasons in team history.  Now the pressure is on for them to go win a Stanley Cup.  They haven't won since 1994 so it would be thirty years this June if they can get it done.  They have the team to do it but the NHL playoffs are always wild and wide open.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:
There is no reason why the New York Rangers can't win the Stanley Cup Title this season. They have been the best team in the NHL all season with the best coach and one of the best goaltenders. The Rangers are built to win it all this season and end their long drought and anything less than reaching the Championship round will be a major disappointment.
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Game one will be at Madison Square Garden Sunday at 3 pm against the Washington Capitals.  Both teams split during the regular season.  The Capitals will give them a fight but they are older team led by Ovechkin and the Rangers should and will overpower them.  Atremi Panarin has had a career year and Chris Kreider always steps up in the playoffs.  The Rangers also won the President's Trophy and a team that has won that trophy hasn't won the cup since the 2012 2013 Chicago Blackhawks.  All signs point toward a deep run for the blue shirts and anything less will be extremely disappointing.  We'll see what they can do in the playoffs.

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