In the midst of the national outcry to end racism NASCAR's Bubba Wallace has been thrust into the spotlight as "the only black NASCAR driver." The fact that a man of color has made it to the sports highest level is definitely noteworthy and the fact that Wallace is willing to use success to help spread the message of growth and change is admirable. Recently Wallace was asked what the next step NASCAR should take and he suggested "getting rid of Confederate Flags."

In an interview with CNN Bubba Wallace tells his story and what NASCAR has already done right and what it can do next.

I grew up like most kids did who were born in the late '70s, I loved the "Dukes of Hazzard." When I was little the General Lee was the definition of fast cars. I never once equated the Confederate flag on its roof with racism. I just saw a fast car and two guys out having "more fun than the law would allow." I'm older now, I'm wiser now and now I know that even though that flag means nothing to me it means something terrible to my black friends.

I speak strictly for myself and not for a single person or company other than myself when I say I fully and completely support Bubba Wallace here. Wallace didn't mix words when he said "No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race, So it starts with confederate flags. Get them out of here." There is no reason to continue to fly the Confederate flag. If you want to fly it on your property that's 100% your right but if NASCAR truly wants to embrace Bubba Wallace and the expanded fanbase he and other drivers of color can bring in they need to heed his advice.

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