Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson shows off some of his rapping ability with The Game.

Okay, Stevie Johnson isn't a horrible rapper.  I'm going to grade on a curve here.  Stevie Johnson is a professional football player.  That should be taken into account.  Most athletes are sucky rappers.  Just sayin'.  With that in mind, I think Stevie did a respectable job in this song.  Granted, he's no Lil Wayne or anything, but he's pretty good rapper for an athlete.

Stevie Johnson recorded the song "Run It Back" with a real rapper; The Game.  You can obviously hear the difference in skills between them.  The Game raps for a living.  You'd probably see a big difference if The Game put on a pair of cleats and caught passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick too though. 

"Run It Back" is decent at best.  There are a few good lines in the song, but the hook is absolutely brutal.  The chorus is the moneymaker in music.  This chorus leaves a ton to be desired.  It's tougher than it seems to rap.  I happen to be a professional broadcaster (kind of).  I put together this parody bit for the Friday edition of "The Noe Show."  Enjoy my immense rapping talent.

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