Antonio Brown's Music Video Is Out [VIDEO]
The Antonio Brown saga has been one of the best/worst stories in all of sports. While most of it is cringe worthy it's also impossible for me to turn away. The latest is the release of his two minute long highly auto-tuned "music" video. AB's "Whole Lotta Money" is a re…
Levack's Week 15 Locks [VIDEO]
Time again to break down the week's NFL action without breaking down our bankroll. Last week ended my hot streak with a 0 - 2 - 1 outing. So my season total is a very unremarkable 21 - 19 - 2. Time to go back to what has been working for me this season, backing the road teams.
Proud Marine Mom Honors August Hometown Hero
Penny Bartlett from Colonie is the proud Marine Mom of 26-year-old Ian and she wrote to us hoping we'd honor him as August's Hometown Hero.  Mom also told us that her son may be slightly uncomfortable with the 'fanfare' that comes along with it and decided to spend a few min…
Cohoes Teen Skyrockets To Final 8 On American Idol
The massive wave of Idol momentum continued Sunday night for 17-year-old Cohoes native Madison VanDenberg.  The pitch-perfect teenager advanced to the final eight on American Idol following a performance of a song that many have said they never heard sung so well.
Borderland 3 Is On It's Way And Levack Is Pumped! [VIDEO]
My long running rivalry with "E-Sport Guy" has been ongoing and honestly annoying. Somehow people attempt to paint me as anti-video game. That's just not the case. I love playing video games. I just don't consider them "sports." So here's proof of my love of gaming…
Boy Bobsleds And Sees Snow For First Time In Lake Placid
We here in Upstate New York not only take snow for granted we sometimes curse it. After watching 8 year old Tiago from Southern Florida make his first snowball you might have a tougher time cursing away the "white stuff." Make A Wish of Northeast New York granted Tiago's wish and I ca…

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