‘I Was Popular!’ Special Needs Girl in Colonie Gets Bday Surprise of a Lifetime
"We don't know how many of these parties we're going to have for Eva," Angie Scotto said as she planned the surprise bday drive-by for her daughter At 12:15 PM on Saturday afternoon, the parking lot at Taft Furniture in Colonie started to fill up with friends family, strangers, vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, first responders, and even Santa and Mrs...
13 Classic TV Commercials the Capital Region Will Never Forget
We remember the jingles, the catchphrases, and the celebrities who starred in them. These are 13 Classic TV Commercials the Capital Region Will Never Forget. I'm a sucker for Capital Region nostalgia and every now and again I go down these rabbit hole searches to find anything uniquely exclusive and retro when it comes to the 518.  Recently I started searching on YouTube for old, vintage, and clas
Pack of Bikers Dangerously Block Light on Busy Street in Schenectady
A viral video surfaced recently of a group of at least 20 bikers, most of them weaving in and out of traffic, driving through medians to get around traffic, some even going through red lights that had changed color some time ago.  Worse, many of them appear to be almost reveling in the bit of chaos and disruption they created on a high-traffic road in Schenectady. ...
Dramatic Video Shows Montgomery County Trooper Rescue Drowning Man
The life and work of a New York State Trooper can change as rapidly as the weather does here in the Capital Region.  One day you might be chasing bad guys going 100 MPH, the next you could be rescuing an injured owl on the side of the road, later that day you might be helping an old lady fix a flat tire stranded on Route 9.  We...

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