Well maybe now we know why A.J. Burnett was such a failure as a Yankee. How can you stand up to Big Poppi or Mauer or Cabrarra when you can't even stand up to your wife? That's right A.J. clearly doesn't wear the pants in his family.

Pemding baseball's approval because of the money involved Burnett 33-34 for the Yanks is on his way to Pittsburgh and NOT Anaheim thanks to his spouse. The Yanks if you believe published reports had a deal with the Angels for Bobby Abreu but Burnett had a partial no trade and nixed the deal

Now if you are asking why go to the perennial loser Pirates instead of the AL favored Angels the answer-The wife!. Apparently Burnett's wife doesn't like to fly so best they stay in Maryland I guess where the family makes their home instead of relocating. WHAT A JOKE!

Seems AJ's wife had nooo problem flying when  AJ got a 82 million dollar contract from the Bombers to leave the Blue Jays. Oh the big scary airplane wasn't an issue then. I repeat WHAT A JOKE!

Thanks to  whiney wifey AJ now gets to pitch for the perpetual last place Pirates who haven't had a winning season in 19 years. Let me repeat that the Pirates haven't broken 500 in 19 years. Forget a division title or wild card we are talking 500. Meanwhile the Angels are a solid 3/1 favorite to win the AL Pennant after a busy off season that saw the halo's sign Albert Puljos and C.J. Wilson.

No better for gutless AJ to pitch in front on no one  and with a team that has no expectations and very little chance to win then take whatever talent he has to the left coast and hurl for the high powered Angels!. I don't want a guy on my team that puts winning behind the fear of flying.

Now if their were a family illness or family well being issues that's a totally different  story but that isn't the case from all appearences like for example Derek Fisher leaving Utah for LA because he had a sick child that could get better medical care in LA. No one can blame a man for that. But as for AJ that doesn't seem to be the case.

Now we know why Burnett came up so short on expectations for the Yankees. How do you compete against the Red Sox when you can't even get your wife to drive across country so you can pitch for a better ball club. Instead AJ gets to pitch in front of flies more then likely for the lame Bucs.

If it were me the solution would have been simple. A career is short. The check is already in the bank. the only thing left is winning. If I were AJ I would nicely tell the little lady to pack the car, gets the kids we are leaving in 30 minutes. I am not getting my brains beat out in Pittsburgh for 2 years cause you don't want to fly. Now get in the car!

Some would say that's mean, or thats wrong or whine about this or that. I say I am bringing home the dough and I don't like to lose. I am going to Anaheim. Also Burnett could have pitched against the Yanks and their demanding fans trying to shut up the franchise and the booing demanding fans. But Noooo AJ can't stand up to his wife. Gutless!

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