Adam Scott won his 8th PGA Tour title with a win in the WGC Bridgestone Invitational and his caddy, Steve Williams, said it was the best week of his caddying life. 

This is a guy that served as Tiger Woods' caddy for 13 years and during that time, he helped Tiger win 13 Majors.

But you know what?  Steve Williams was right!

"I've been caddying for 33 years and I've never had a bigger win," Williams said.  Williams, 47, said he now has 145 victories as a caddie. "It's the greatest week of my life caddying and I sincerely mean that," he said.

I don’t have a problem with anything Steve Williams said.

He just got fired by Tiger Woods and won his first tournament with his new employer.  You win a big tournament for a new guy. Of course, he should say it’s the biggest thing he’s ever done. You’re working for a new guy now. Tiger’s trophies don’t matter to Adam Scott.  Scott needs his own ego stroked.

It would be like you getting a new job and having a great first week.  You dwouldn't go around telling people, “Yeah…it was a decent week but the stuff I did at my other job was much better.” 

Adam Scott is paying him now – not Tiger Woods.  Tiger fired Williams. It was his choice to let him go.  There’s nothing better than showing up your old boss. Williams was able to do that after his FIRST tournament.

Tiger Woods, with Steve Williams as his caddy, hasn't won a Tournament in nearly 2 years. 

Let’s face it, for the last year and a half, Steve Williams has done more sitting around than caddying. He’s not making money doing that! It’s not his fault Tiger got injured and cheated on his wife.  Williams was a casualty there.  Here’s this great caddy doing nothing – watching other guys win Major Tournaments - while he sits at home and watches.

The beginning of the end for the Woods/Williams relationship was when Williams asked Woods if he could caddy for Adam Scott for the US Open since Tiger wasn't playing in that tournament.  Tiger said yes but deep down, I'm sure he felt betrayed. But what's Williams supposed to do?  Sit around and NOT get paid.

This weekend, Tiger finished 37th in the Bridgestone tournament and won $58,500. Had Williams still been his caddy, he would have received about $5,000.  Williams' commission from a $1.4 million payday for Scott was likely $140,000. 

After next week's PGA Championship, Tiger will likely take a few weeks off again.  Again, Williams doesn’t make money when Woods doesn’t play.

Williams is a competitive guy that was caught up in the moment.

He just wants to win. He hasn’t won in 2 years. He was excited.  And the worst thing he says was this was my greatest win and the best week ever? Really? That's bad? I’m surprised he didn’t say anything worse about Tiger Woods.  Woods didn’t listen to his former caddies advice anyway - Williams wasn’t happy about that.  

Let’s face it, Tiger cheated on his wife’s really good friend. Williams never got over that. He didn’t like what Tiger did and didn’t mind tell him about it.  No one else in Tiger’s circle stood up to Tiger. Williams did.