It would be an awesome story if Tiger Woods can somehow play the full 72 holes at this year's 2022 Masters Tournament.  He did an 18 hole practice round on Tuesday with his son Charlie fellow PGA Tour pro Justin Thomas.  It really is remarkable that he can even walk on his leg which was virtually destroyed in a car wreck he was in back in February of 2021.  When we had Dottie Pepper in our 104.5 The Team studio back in February, she said to us that Augusta National is one of the more hilly and difficult courses to walk on the entire tour.  This further shows how incredible it is that Tiger could walk and play a full 18 holes at the course where he has won five green jackets.  Here is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

Tiger Woods walked 18 holes on Tuesday at Augusta, so that must mean he will play at the Masters starting April 7th. If Woods gives it a shot, the ratings will soar because that’s what happens when he plays. Tiger would never consider it, if he didn’t think he could still compete at a high level. After the car crash and surgery, I didn’t think we should see Tiger at the Masters until 2023. But we are 8 days away, and it’s looking more and more like the incredibly popular Woods will join the field and at 46 years old make another run at the Green Jacket.

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MJ and I had on ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Randy Scott on with us this morning and we asked him what he thought about Tiger Woods and him possibly playing at the Masters next week.  Randy is always one of our favorite interviews.  Below is our discussion on this with him.

I hope to see Tiger Woods out there competing at the 2022 Masters.  If he is in the field, don't ever count him out and I would certainly like his chances to win and receive a sixth green jacket.

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