I've been doing my absolute best to learn the ins-and-outs of being a Capital Region resident.

As is the case with any region in the country, there are certain things about the Albany metropolitan area (and beyond) that won't make sense to someone unless you live here for a while.

One of those things is how to pronounce the names of cities and towns in the area, and a Tik Tok user created a video that put my knowledge of those names to the test.

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The Tik Tok user who created this video is Michael Anderson, who's account is @mandertok. Michael found some of the more unique town and city names in Upstate New York, and specifically around the Capital Region, and used them as part of a video that is intended to test your ability to pronounce each of them.

You can watch the full video here.

I came across this video late last night, and began to test myself on how well I knew some of them. A few were fairly simple, and a few others I knew because I live in the area near them.

Others, however, left me stumped, and made me laugh in the process.

What I really found entertaining, however, was some of the "viewer suggestions" that appeared in the comments. New York residents in the areas near Buffalo, Syracuse and beyond commented with their own unique town names, most of which I had zero idea how to say.

Take a look below at ten of the town and city names that were included in this Tik Tok test. Can you pronounce all of them?

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