Have you ever wanted to just hit the road and explore all the highways and byways that crisscross this beautiful country of ours? I romance this notion all the time but just haven't pulled the trigger. If you've been thinking the same as me, here is your chance!

Check out this really cool bus conversion currently for sale in the Capital Region!

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According to USA Today,  “Van life,” has been around for years but once the pandemic hit, the increased desire to be remote and socially distant put a surge in this alternative lifestyle. Companies such as Mercedes and Ford have seen an increase in sales of their commercial vehicles, specifically vans. with some reporting more than a 20% jump in business.

All of that sounds great but how cool would it be to travel around New York State and off to Colorado, California and back to the Capital Region in a Skoolie bus converted into your new home on wheels?

Photo by Patrick Harrington
Photo by Patrick Harrington

I spotted this 2010 Skoolie bus conversion while scrolling through Facebook and I had to share. This is "Ruth", a GMC Savana 3500, and she is ready to roll. As a matter of fact Ruth has been around the block, so to speak.

Ruth has traveled from New York to California and back, with stops in about 16 states and 20+ national parks. She’s seen it all, done it all - from the social media post

Let's kick the tires and see what Ruth has to offer and maybe you can make an offer, before it's too late. She is listed in the Clifton Park Online Garage Sale site on Facebook.

Skoolie Bus Conversion

This is "Ruth" a 2010 Skoolie bus that has been converted into your next home on wheels. This treasure is currently available for $26,000 in the Capital Region via Clifton Park Online Garage Sale on Facebook. Let's take a look at her!

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