November 3rd is one of the most important days on the US calendar for one major reason. Of course, I'm referring to National Sandwich Day! What did you think I was going to write about the election? National Sandwich Day is observed across the US to honor one of the most perfect and most convenient foods. The sandwich is arguably the greatest thing since sliced bread and we have some truly amazing sandwich shops right here in the Capital Region.

Five local sandwich shops were shown love and awarded the title "Best Sandwich Shop" in the Times Union's "Best of the Capital Region 2020" readers poll. From Pelligrino's Import Company on Central Ave in Albany to the Halfmoon Sandwich Shoppe in Clifton Park the Capital Region is full of great delis and sandwich shops and all five shops deserve the love they're getting. Outside of the list of winners in the Times Union there are a few places I love as well. I know the list gives honorable mention to Genoa's Importing in Loudinville but if you haven't had "NFL Classic" or the "Siena Fat Guy" you really need to try them both. When in Schenectady you have to try the spicy Italian Mix at La Gioia Italian Deli. Those are two of my go to sandwiches but since the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich is the top sandwich in New York according to you have to try "The Lumberjack" breakfast sandwich at The Halfmoon Sandwich Shoppe".

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